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For the tastemakers, leaders, risk-takers, and playful dreamers who have a story, Bards of Nevermore is a collective firm of distinct storytellers who want tell it. By authentically telling your story, we can successfully influence thoughts, change perceptions, and drive actions. Through meaningful messaging, we’re able to generate long-lasting connections between clients and their audience. Our brand of storytelling impacts hearts and minds through a process of filmmaking that leaves the audience motivated, empowered, and inspired.

What's Your Story?

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When Seconds Matter

Knox Company
Product Video

Finding A Cure

Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
Gala Fundraising Short

The History of USC

Historical Video


Organizational Video

A Firm of Storytellers

Each of whom bring their own highly diverse backgrounds, authentic human experiences, and distinct visions to every story.

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"Bards of Nevermore brought our industrial manufacturing product to life through a creative storytelling lens. The video has been showcased as a primary sales tool, has exponentially increased sales and we’ve hired them back again and again."

Joni Trempala
President & CEO
Knox Company


"There’s no other video company we trust to continue to tell the SFGMC story. They have a magnificent way of capturing who we are and bringing our voice to life through film which powers our fundraising efforts."

Chris Verdugo
Executive Director

We are bards of nevermore

Authentic storytelling that influences thoughts, changes perceptions, and drives actions through film.

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